About Us

About Us

Founded by Dr. Dane Wu in 1997, PLUSTAT Consulting has provided statistical consultation and data solution services over the last two decades with many satisfied clients. Each of our consultants has earned an advanced degree in quantitative fields with established credentials and extensive industrial experience. Partnering with VinAudit.com, PLUSTAT also offers a variety of vehicle data solutions to auto industries and insurance companies.

Our professional skills include advanced machine learning and statistical modeling techniques, big data tools (Python, Hadoop, R, SAS, SQL, SPSS, Teradata), and prescriptive analytics approach. Model Ranking Index (MRI) is the patented modeling tool we have developed to scan 'health condition' of predictive models in actual production, just as the medical MRI is used to scan human body for health checkup.

PLUSTAT focuses on individual care, minimal cost, creative approach, measurable results, timely delivery, and long term relationship. Our goal is to satisfy every client we serve.

Below is a sample of our completed projects:

* Developed a statistical model in predicting vehicle’s market value for VinAudit.
* Consulted CarsForSale.com for the digital marketing strategies and SEO.
* Created a Financial Audit Combined Evaluation System for Florida State Auditors.
* Developed over 20 predictive models for credit product targeting and acquisition in the banking and financial industries.
* Consulted Washington State Auditors in statistical sampling, compliance test, and enrollment forecasting.
* Consulted Daniel Smith Artists' Materials, Inc. in strategic database marketing and customer segmentation .
* Provided expert litigation support to Class Action Administration, Inc. in a class lawsuit against AT&T wireless overbilling.
* Consulted Davies Pearson , P.C., Attorneys at Law in statistical sampling analysis of a class lawsuit against a local car dealer.
* Provided expert court testimony for Chris P. Bawn, Attorneys at Law in a case of the racial discrimination lawsuit against the Washington State Labor Department.